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Why Choose SKUPREME Over Extensiv Order Manager

Focused E-commerce Supply Chain Excellence

SKUPREME distinguishes itself from Extensiv Order Manager by offering a specialized, comprehensive solution aimed squarely at resolving the intricate challenges of e-commerce supply chains. While Extensiv provides a robust platform for order management across multiple channels, SKUPREME’s services extend deeper into the intricacies of supply chain optimization. This includes advanced predictive analytics for inventory management, streamlined logistics and warehousing solutions, and dedicated support designed to maximize e-commerce efficiency and profitability​​​​​​.

Predictive Analytics and Advanced Replenishment

One of SKUPREME's standout features is its predictive analytics capability, which empowers businesses with actionable insights for inventory optimization. This goes beyond traditional order management to ensure that businesses not only keep up with demand but do so in the most cost-effective manner. By leveraging data-driven forecasts, SKUPREME users can precisely anticipate inventory needs, minimizing both overstock situations and stockouts, a level of sophistication in supply chain management that is not the primary focus of Extensiv Order Manager​​​​.

Seamless Integration with AWD for Amazon Sellers

For Amazon sellers, SKUPREME's seamless integration with Amazon Warehousing and Distribution (AWD) offers a clear advantage. This integration facilitates a more efficient logistics process, including bulk storage solutions and automated replenishment to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), tailored specifically to the needs of Amazon sellers. This capability highlights SKUPREME’s commitment to providing e-commerce businesses with tools that are not only powerful but also perfectly aligned with the platforms they use most​​​​.

White-Glove Support and Customized Onboarding

Choosing SKUPREME means accessing a level of service that extends well beyond software. The platform prides itself on white-glove support and a customized onboarding experience for every user. This approach ensures that businesses can quickly leverage the full power of SKUPREME, with expert guidance available every step of the way. This dedicated support structure is designed to help users navigate the complexities of e-commerce logistics efficiently, making SKUPREME not just a tool but a true partner in business growth​​​​.

Comprehensive Supply Chain Automation

SKUPREME excels in automating and simplifying the entire supply chain process. From generating purchase orders based on predictive analytics to managing inventory and tracking shipments, SKUPREME automates tasks across the board. This comprehensive approach to automation helps businesses minimize manual errors, save time, and focus on strategic growth initiatives. While Extensiv Order Manager offers robust order management capabilities, SKUPREME's emphasis on supply chain automation provides a holistic solution that encompasses every aspect of e-commerce operations​​​​.

  • 1. Access a Centralized Dashboard

  • 2. Sync Catalogs Across Marketplaces

  • 3. Manage & Automate Orders

  • 4. Get Supply Chain Predictions

Expanded 6

Unified & Individual Sales Dashboard

Evaluate your performance with a visual representation of the most important data.
View live data from all marketplaces, and filter by Region, Store, SKU, and time frame to measure sales performance.
✅ Real-time in-depth overview of inventory
✅ Real-time overview of shipments
✅ Full visibility & and control of purchase orders (including units coming in, units going out, available cartons, etc.) 
Sync Across Marketplaces

Catalog, Price, and Quantity Sync across Your Marketplaces

Link existing marketplaces and expand to new ones. Easily manage thousands of listings by syncing and linking catalogs across your organizations. Easily Update Prices and Quantities for all your Stores.

✅ Synchronize your marketplaces
✅ Create global and marketplace-specific price rules
✅ Easily update quantities across marketplaces
✅ New marketplaces integrated on-demand


Manage and Automate Orders

  Consolidate all of your external marketplace contacts, to easily search order and customer histories.

Automate Complex Order Management: Split orders with Multiple SKUs Across Multiple Fulfillment Providers Based on Your Automation Logic:

✅ View All or by Country
✅ Access Order Age Info
✅ Filter Orders by Specific Marketplaces
✅ Automatically Provide Tracking Information to your Marketplace Orders

Expanded 1

Supply Chain Predictions

Real-time purchasing and shipment forecasting with inventory timelines.
Visualize and eliminate stock gaps to maximize sales performance.

✅ Overview of Shipments
✅ Overview of supply chain activities
Forecasting purchases & inventory timelines


Your data, synced everywhere

Data Synced

What SKUPREME users say

Our team creates purchase orders in less than 2 minutes and easily monitors inventory up to a year in advance. Highly recommend to avoid leaving money on the table.

SKUPREME provided us with a white-glove onboarding experience. Without their help, we wouldn't have been able to make the switch. The ROI on their software investment has been huge and has simplified our purchase orders and shipment reconciliation.

SKUPREME's seamless account switching and workstream features helped me scale and optimize performance. An essential tool for managing multiple accounts.


Everything you need to scale your business

Automate Error-Prone Processes, Improve Communication, and Unlock Predictive Insights to Drive Your Business Forward

Integrate with ShipNode

Connects all your warehousing printer peripherals via cloud. Your team can print remotely with just an internet connection.

CRM Analysis

View order information and all associated data for Customers from Marketplaces to Lifetime Order Value.

Automate Complex Orders

Split orders with multiple SKUs across multiple fulfillment providers based on your automation logic.

Shipment Status Updates

Track Shipments from Production to Delivery, All in One Place with Accurate Status Updates.

Automated Purchase Orders

Send automatically generated purchase orders to your inventory suppliers and eliminate human errors.

Invoicing & Shipment Orders

Send automated invoices to your wholesale buyers, and shipment orders to your storage providers.

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Unmatched Support

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Private Slack Channel

Skupreme will set up a dedicated private slack channel for your company, ensuring continuous support and problem-solving.

New Feature Beta Access

Gain access to Beta Features and help shape the future of Skupreme by helping decide on future features and integrations.

USPS Connect "At Cost" Pricing

From direct integrations with card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser, we operate on every level of the financial stack.


View order information and all associated data for Wholesaler, including wholesale orders as part of predictions.


Manage the lifecycle of your supply chain activities from start to finish.


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