Tactical Onboarding Process

How to connect Tactical as a storage provider in Skupreme.


Process: Intro

  • Tactical sends into email to Skupreme 
  • CS/customer books a call / https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/43733781/link/7344551

Demo / Initial onboarding call:

  • Overview of Skupreme: Catalog / Storage Provider / Order Fulfillment
  • Register to Skupreme https://app.skupreme.com/register/
  • Connect Seed Marketplace (Amazon or Shopify) from the Catalog - Settings
  • Add tactical Storage Provider: SP -> + SP -> Enter Tactical Credentials - How to connect Tactical: https://www.loom.com/share/8d3110bf6c8c450b8e520cb63d00b19e
  • Connect additional marketplaces from Catalog / Settings
  • Add a credit card
  • Provide link to slack connect

Post Demo Configuration:

  • Follow-up message to the customer. Next steps: Catalog conflicts, Tactical "missing information" item mapping, relevant marketplace KB's (sample TikTok - set up warehouse and create shipping template)
  • Listing will show up in the Catalog section
  • Catalog Conflicts should be resolved. Either duplicate listings or missing information
  • In the Catalog - Setting page FBM order setting needs to be turned on if the customer´s main marketplace is Amazon
  • Supply Chain / Storage Providers - Tactical 3PL setting “fulfills individual orders” should be enabled
  • Orders / Settings - Fulfillment Priority #1: should be Tactial 3PL Next
  • Unused storage providers should be removed - (just leave FBA and Tactical 3PL Next only)
  • QA will review the account to make sure all settings are configured correctly 

Go Live:

  • CS notifies the Tactical user is ready
  • Tactical ensures orders are disabled on any duplicate systems 
  • CS notifies the user we are ready to "Go Live"
  • User approves / green light

30 Day Monitoring:

  • QA: Run reports on accounts with order ages over 1 day: check if any issues associated with these orders 
  • QA: Investigate orders that have not been auto-assigned a shipping label within one hour (Determine if a bug or user action is needed: notify CS if so)
  • CS: Follow up with users regarding new marketplaces they were considering integrating with. 

Handoff / Offboarding:

  • After the initial, we can schedule a handoff and exploratory meeting. Goal: to qualify what software they are using 
  • Discontinue/ continue slack