Sync Marketplaces: Connecting Shopify

Learn how to connect Shopify as your Seed Marketplace

In this guide, we'll explore the steps to connect Shopify to a marketplace to diversify your brand reach.

  1. Go to your SKUPREME account and click catalog - settings. 

  2. Select the Shopify US region from the dropdown menu.

  3. Input your Shopify domain name in the format of "".

  4. Click "Submit" to initiate the integration process.

  5. You will be redirected to Shopify to authenticate and accept access.

  6. Once you have accepted access, you will be redirected back to SKUPREME and see that the Shopify button moved up in the sidebar, indicating a successful integration.

  7. Allow a few moments for the integration process to complete and for your Shopify items to be connected to your SKUPREME account.

  8. Refresh the page to check if the items have been synced properly.



To learn more about how to connect Shopify as your Seed Marketplace, watch this video 👇


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