Frictionless Ecommerce and Supply Chain Management

Our Mission:

Eliminate friction for ecommerce brand managers by automating catalog and supply chain operations

Our Vision:

Maximize efficiency of the global supply chain by leveraging ML, AI, and robotics.

Automate & Dominate

We are obsessed with removing friction from your e-commerce and supply chain activities.

One platform for all your needs from our centralized catalog, order management, predictive purchasing and supply chain modeling.

We automated every step possible to save you time, reduce errors and costs, optimize pricing and stock levels and identify the most efficient transportation to help you sell more and dominate your market.

Sync and Manage Product Listings

Merge, manage and create new product listings. Edit and release simultaneously across marketplaces.

Automated Pricing and Predictions

Use generated insights to inform your pricing. Insightful predictions help you make good decisions quickly.

Inventory and Order Management

Keep an overview of your product inventory status and easily order resupply when you are running low.

Shipping and Purchase Solutions

All Purchase Orders and Shipping Carriers sorted out, notified for and figured out each step of the way.

We got you covered. In real time, all the time.


One source to view and optimize sales across all channels

Merge your listings from all marketplaces to create one centralized catalog. One source to create, merge and manage all product listings (inventory, price, shipping, photos and details) and sync to all marketplaces. Centralized data provides deep insights for optimal, real time predictions on pricing and inventory management.


Manage every detail of your inventory from production to delivery

One platform with every aspect of your e-commerce and supply chain activities, directly integrated with all major shipping providers. Manage every facet to maintain the right levels of the right product available -- automated ordering with confidence, error free with tracking info synced back to keep marketplace data updated real time.

Supply Chain, Suppliers

Data predicts your purchase orders

Our algorithm analyzes all your e-commerce data to predict and generate pre-drafted suggested purchase orders to eliminate the guesswork of what to order, from whom and when. The data and documents your suppliers need, automated and error free.

Supply Chain, Fulfillment Providers

Data determines the ideal route for your shipments

Our algorithm crunches the numbers to determine the optimal route and provider to deliver your goods. It takes all the complex variables relating to your products, your regions, providers and marketplaces you serve so you can deliver to your customers most efficiently and on time.

Get started today with a FREE TRIAL (no need to book a demo)Get started with one click. We are confident you’ll be impressed. Create a centralized catalog, optimize and exponentially increase your listings within minutes while our platform handles the complexities of scaling your business