Utilizing the Wholesaler Detail Page in SKUPREME’s Wholesale Module

The Wholesaler Detail Page within SKUPREME’s Wholesale module offers a comprehensive view and management tools for individual wholesale accounts. This guide will explain how to utilize this page to customize and manage detailed aspects of your relationships with wholesale buyers.


Overview of the Wholesaler Detail Page

This page is specifically designed to manage detailed information about each wholesaler who buys in bulk from your business. It allows for the customization of payment terms, discounts, and essential contact details, facilitating smoother transactions and tailored relationship management.


Accessing the Wholesaler Detail Page

To effectively use the Wholesaler Detail Page:


  1. Navigate to the Wholesale Module: Locate this module within your SKUPREME dashboard, and select a specific wholesaler name to view their details.
  2. Manage Wholesaler Information: Use the detail page to adjust critical aspects of your business relationship with the wholesaler.


Key Features of the Wholesaler Detail Page


  • Wholesaler Information Editing: Update the wholesaler's name, contact details, and address to ensure all records are current and accurate.
  • Currency and Payment Terms: Set the preferred currency for transactions and define custom payment terms that suit both parties’ financial operations.
  • Quantity Discounts: Configure discounts based on the volume of units or cases (CS) purchased, incentivizing larger orders and fostering loyalty.
  • Contact Management: Input the details of a representative contact who will handle invoices and communications, ensuring that information reaches the right person.


Managing Wholesaler Relationships


  • Customize Payment and Discount Terms: Tailor payment schedules and discount rates to match the purchasing behavior and capacity of the wholesaler, which can enhance mutual satisfaction and streamline accounting processes.
  • Update Contact Information: Keep the wholesaler’s contact information up-to-date to avoid any miscommunications or delays in the invoicing process.
  • Review and Adjust Details: Regularly review the details on this page to ensure they align with any new agreements or changes in the business relationship.


Benefits of Using the Wholesaler Detail Page


  • Enhanced Relationship Management: Provides the tools necessary to manage each wholesaler's relationship with a high level of customization and attention to detail.
  • Improved Financial Operations: The ability to set specific payment terms and discounts helps manage cash flow and revenue expectations more effectively.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Centralizing wholesaler information on a single page makes accessing and updating details quick and easy, saving time and reducing administrative burden.


The Wholesaler Detail Page in SKUPREME’s Wholesale module is a crucial tool for businesses looking to optimize their wholesale relationships. By providing a centralized location to manage detailed wholesaler information, payment terms, and discounts, businesses can ensure more efficient and profitable operations.