Synchronizing Carrier Credentials in SKUPREME’s Order Settings


In SKUPREME, the "Set Credentials" button in the Order Settings facilitates the synchronization of your shipping carriers. This essential feature allows you to manage carrier credentials directly within the platform, optimizing logistics and leveraging cost-effective shipping rates. This guide provides detailed steps on how to integrate carrier services and how to utilize USPS at-cost shipping rates when no specific carrier credentials are set.


Accessing Carrier Services Configuration

To integrate and manage your shipping operations:

  1. Navigate to the Order Settings: Open the Orders module on your SKUPREME dashboard and locate the section for Carrier Services.
  2. Click 'Set Credentials': This button allows you to enter and synchronize your shipping carrier credentials, ensuring seamless integration with your logistics operations.

Features of the Carrier Services Configuration

  • Carrier Integration: Enter credentials for major carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This integration facilitates direct management of shipping logistics through SKUPREME.
  • USPS At Cost Rates: Benefit from USPS shipping at cost-effective rates without setting specific carrier credentials, potentially reducing your shipping expenses significantly.
  • Support and Customization: If integration with a specific carrier is needed and not directly available, SKUPREME’s customer support can assist in facilitating this process.

Setting Up Your Carrier Credentials

  • Input Carrier Information: For each carrier you work with, input the necessary account numbers, API keys, or other required credentials into the designated fields after clicking 'Set Credentials'.
  • Verify Connectivity: Test the connection to ensure that SKUPREME can successfully communicate with the carrier's systems, verifying that all entered information is correct and operational.
  • Customize Shipping Preferences: Set preferences for which carriers are used in specific scenarios, optimizing your shipping processes based on cost, delivery speed, or destination.

Utilizing USPS At-Cost Rates Without Credentials

When no specific carrier credentials are set, you can still utilize USPS at-cost rates to manage shipping costs effectively. This option is available directly through SKUPREME and does not require individual carrier account integration.

Adding a Credit Card in the Wallet Section

For smooth transaction processing:

  1. Go to Account Settings: Access the Wallet section where financial details are managed.
  2. Add Credit Card Details: Input your credit card information to facilitate easy payments for shipping costs and other services directly through SKUPREME.
  3. Secure Transactions: All financial data is handled with strict security measures to ensure your information is protected.

Benefits of Synchronizing Carrier Credentials

Streamlined Shipping Operations: Direct carrier integration simplifies the management of shipping logistics, providing a centralized platform for all shipping activities.

Cost Efficiency: Leveraging USPS at-cost rates through SKUPREME can significantly lower shipping costs while maintaining service quality.

Enhanced Flexibility: Having the ability to set specific shipping preferences and manage multiple carriers gives you the flexibility to adapt to various logistical needs.

The 'Set Credentials' feature in SKUPREME’s Order Settings is pivotal for businesses seeking to streamline their shipping operations. By synchronizing carrier credentials and leveraging USPS at-cost rates, companies can enhance operational efficiency and reduce shipping costs, all while managing financial transactions through the Wallet.