Sync Marketplace: Connecting TikTok Marketplace

Push listings to TikTok and to sync orders to fulfillment providers within SKUPREME

The partnership between SKUPREME and TikTok is an exciting development for e-commerce sellers.  By automating order fulfillment and providing access to TikTok's vast user base, this integration offers a unique opportunity to expand your business and increase your sales. 

To integrate your catalog to your TikTok marketplace, you first need to:

1. Open SKUPREME and navigate to "Settings" tab 
under the "Catalog" section





2. After you get re-directed to the Catalog Settings,  on the 
bottom of the screen, click on the TikTok Logo

3. After getting directed to the authorization center, you choose your region, and you click "Next".
4. When you're done with the authorization, TikTok will be implemented to SKUpreme.
You can toggle what you want to be synchronized by switching the toggle bars found in the "Catalog Settings".

 In order for you to start selling your products on TikTok marketplace, they need to go through a review process. To submit your listings for review:

5. Navigate to your TikTok Seller Center 

6. On the upper left side of the screen click the "Manage Products" tab under the "Products" section.

7. Your listings will be visible in the "Draft" tab. In order to activate them, you need to click the "Edit" link which can be found on the right side of each listing.

8. After getting redirected, you need to configure your listing and click "Submit For Review"

9. Submitted listings can be found in the "Suspended" tab. After the verification, they can be found in the "Active" tab.
10. Continue this process for all the items in your catalog, and you're set!

Video Explanation: 



Article on product certification: seller knowledge base