Sync Marketplace: Connecting a Seed Marketplace (Amazon and Shopify Only)

Learn about Seed Marketplace

What is a Seed Marketplace in SKUPREME?

Seed Marketplace is the central point of connection for all your marketplaces in SKUPREME where all your listing information and inventory volume will be pulled directly to our tool. Consider the Seed Marketplace as your single source of truth for all your listings and inventory levels.


There are two Primary Seed Marketplaces in SKUPREME, these are Amazon or Shopify. This allows flexibility for Amazon and eCommerce sellers to power up their supply-chain management with one unified location as a central hub of information for you and your colleagues.


Please take note that once you've connected your account to a Seed Marketplace, you have to wait for our system to sync. The sync time for your marketplace depends on the total number of SKUs you have. For example, if you have 30 to 100 SKUs the sync be 5-10 minutes long, now if your marketplace has 1000+ SKUs, the sync can take anywhere between 1-2 hours.


Once synced, you can find your Seed Marketplace in the gear next to the Catalog Module and will be identified by the Green text next to your 1st marketplace.


To learn more about the Seed Marketplace in Skupreme, watch this video 👇


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