Supply Chain Module

This guide provides an overview of the Supply Chain Management Module in SKUPREME, which is designed to streamline both purchase orders and shipments within your supply chain operations. The module is intuitively split into two main panels to enhance

Module Layout

The Supply Chain Management Module features a dual-panel layout:

  • Left Panel (Purchase Orders): This panel is dedicated to managing all aspects of purchase orders from creation to fulfillment.
  • Right Panel (Shipments): This panel tracks shipments, including their current status and location.

Top Features

At the top of the module, you'll find:

  • Suggested Product Restock: Predictions and forecasting tools suggest when to restock products based on current and historical data.
  • Suggested Shipments: Similar forecasting tools recommend optimal shipping times and methods to ensure efficiency and timely delivery.

Subsections and Functionalities

  1. Open Purchase Orders: View and manage current orders with statuses such as pending initial payment, pending supplier action, and ready for shipment.
  2. In Production Planning: Monitor items that are being prepared for shipment.
  3. Ship Statuses: Track shipments through various phases including in transit and receiving. Once received, items are updated in the inventory system.

Managing Shipments

  • Ship Column: Lists all ongoing shipments, providing details on the items included, their destinations, and current status.
  • Received Shipments: Update the inventory manually for custom shipments or automatically for API-integrated shipments such as those from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Shipment Creation and Tracking

Creating a shipment in SKUPREME allows for seamless integration and tracking. The system automatically records the reception of inventory, making it visible in your storage provider's system at the destination.

The Supply Chain Management Module in SKUPREME is a powerful tool designed to optimize the efficiency of your supply chain operations. It simplifies the management of purchase orders and shipments, providing critical insights into restocking and shipping activities.

Supply Chain

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