Suppliers Module

This guide details the functionalities of the Supplier Module in SKUPREME, focusing on how to effectively manage suppliers and inventory within your system.

Adding Suppliers

To add suppliers to your SKUPREME system:

  1. Navigate to the Suppliers Page: Initially, this will display an empty list.
  2. Add New Supplier: Click ‘Add a Supplier’, input the supplier’s name, and select their country of origin.

Managing Supplier Details

Once a supplier is added:

  • Access detailed views for each supplier, where you can manage and assign inventory items.
  • Configure item specifics such as cost, lead times, and minimum quantity orders directly within the supplier’s profile.

Assigning Items to Suppliers

To assign inventory to a specific supplier:

  1. Go to the detail page of the desired supplier.
  2. Select the item you wish to assign by clicking on the flag icon next to the item.
  3. Choose the supplier, review the assignment, and confirm.

Monitoring Supplier Activities

The Supplier Module allows for comprehensive tracking of:

  • Current open purchase orders.
  • Status of purchase orders in production.
  • Completed purchase orders.

Low Stock Notifications and Restocking

Receive alerts when items are running low in stock:

  • Restock directly by clicking 'Restock Now' to initiate a Purchase Order.
  • Use the predictive purchase feature to automate restocking based on anticipated demand.

The Supplier Module in SKUPREME enhances supply chain efficiency by simplifying how businesses add, assign, and manage suppliers and their associated inventory. Future tutorials will expand on using advanced features like predictive ordering and detailed purchase order reviews.