Supplier Detail Page

This section of the SKUPREME knowledge base explains how to manage and edit supplier details efficiently within the Supplier Module. This capability is critical for maintaining accurate and accessible records of your business interactions.

Editing Supplier Details

In the Supplier Detail Page of SKUPREME, you have the flexibility to manage various aspects of supplier information:

  1. Supplier Name: Update or correct the supplier's name as needed.
  2. Lead Time: Set a general lead time for items procured from the supplier to ensure timely inventory management.
  3. Currency: Specify the currency used for transactions with the supplier, which helps in financial consistency and clarity.
  4. Measurement System: Indicate the measurement system (metric or imperial) used by the supplier for packaging and shipping items.

Additional Supplier Information

Other critical information that can be managed on the Supplier Detail Page includes:

  • Supplier Address: Input the address which is crucial for creating shipments from the supplier to a storage provider.
  • Representative Contact Information: Add contact details such as the name and email of the representative responsible for receiving purchase orders.
  • Trade Terms: Include all relevant Incoterms to clarify the responsibilities of buyers and sellers regarding the delivery of goods.
  • Payment Terms: Define the net terms, down payment requirements, and upon shipment payment terms to manage financial transactions effectively.

Storing Bank Account Information

For financial transactions and ease of payments, you can safely store the bank account details of suppliers within the SKUPREME platform. This ensures that all transactions are processed smoothly and that financial details are readily accessible when needed.

The Supplier Detail Page in SKUPREME is designed to streamline the management of supplier information, making it easier for businesses to maintain accurate records, ensure timely deliveries, and manage financial transactions effectively.