Supplier Components

Overview The Component tab within SKUPREME’s Suppliers module is a key tool for managing the various elements that make up a product. This feature integrates seamlessly with the component catalog section, making it vital for effective component manag

Creating and Managing Components

Step 1: Access the Components Section

Locate the components section within the supplier module on your SKUPREME dashboard. This area facilitates the creation and management of new and existing components.

Step 2: Create a New Component

To initiate a new component:

  • Select 'Create Component': Begin the creation process.
  • Component Details:
    • Name: E.g., "Bottle."
    • Class of Measurement: Choose the measurement unit (pieces, volume, weight). Here, we’ll use 'pieces'.
    • Price Per Piece: Define the cost, such as $1 per piece.
    • Lead Time: Indicate production lead time, e.g., 30 days.
    • Minimum Order Quantity: E.g., 10,000 pieces.

Step 3: Define Carton Configuration

  • Parent Name: E.g., "Box of Bottles."
  • Dimensions and Attributes: Enter dimensions and choose between the metric or imperial measurement systems.

Step 4: Assign Component to Products

Assign the component to the products that utilize it. Specify the quantity used per product to ensure precise inventory management.

Step 5: Component Configuration

  • Tier Costing: Add tiered pricing based on purchase quantity.
  • Currency Adjustment: Modify currency settings for international transactions.
  • Dimension Adjustments: Update dimensions and metrics as necessary to accommodate product changes or supplier requirements.

Integration with Purchase Orders

Components are integral to the purchase order process, ensuring that orders are accurate and aligned with inventory needs.

By effectively managing product components in SKUPREME, you can streamline operations and maintain precise inventory control. For more detailed instructions on specific features or further integration with purchase orders, access additional resources or subsequent video tutorials available on SKUPREME’s platform.