Shipments: Shipped tab and returns page

Learn about the content of shipped tab and returns page

From the Shipped page, you will see all the Orders by Marketplace and its Region that have been assigned by Skupreme to the different Fulfillment Providers in your Supply Chain. Here you can visualize all orders that have already been fulfilled by the Fulfillment Provider.

  1. Access the Orders page and click on the Shipped tab located on the left-hand side of the screen.

  2. You will see a list of all orders that have been shipped and marked as such in the marketplaces.

  3. The Shipped tab is divided into four segments: MCF, MF, Batched (for groups of orders), and FBA.

    Note: Use the MCF, Batch Order, MF, and FBA tabs to toggle between the different types of Order Processing methods your business uses daily to fulfill your orders.



  • The MCF segment shows shipments that were previously in the Pending Fulfillment section and were automatically fulfilled through API integration with providers such as FBA or Delivery.

  • Click on an order to view more details, such as the tracking number and the fulfillment provider.

  • The Order ID will show the age of the Order, the Marketplace where it was Purchased from, the Fulfillment Provider that fulfilled the order, the number of items in the order, and the total Price of Items in the order. Note that this value does not include Shipping, Taxes, or any other Fees. Just the amount your customer paid for the Items in the Order.


  • The MF segment shows orders that need to be manually fulfilled, such as those that require printing a label and sending it to a printer or a 3PL.

  • The fulfillment provider column displays which provider fulfilled the order.Batch Order

Batch order

  • The Batched segment is for batching manual fulfillments together and bundling them up.


  • The FBA segment is for FBA-type orders that are handled outside of SKUPREME.

  • Use the information in each segment to track the progress of shipments and fulfillment providers.

    Note: You can filter orders by Marketplace or Region and Search by SKU, UPC, Title, or ASIN.

"+Order" button

  • You have the option to manually create a new order or import a CSV file containing Shopify Order Data through the use of the "+Order" button.


To learn more about How to Track Shipped Orders on Skupreme, watch this video 👇




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