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Learn about Pending fulfillment page

The Pending Fulfillment page will show you all the Orders by Marketplace, that have been assigned by Skupreme to the different Fulfillment Providers in your Supply Chain. From here you will be able to select particular orders that are waiting to be sent as Fulfillment Orders. You can check the checkmark boxes to select multiple Orders and enable the "Create Batch" function to Fulfill multiple orders at the same time, more simply and faster.

The Order ID will show the age of the Order, the Marketplace where it was Purchased from, the Fulfillment Provider in charge of fulfilling the order, the number of items in the order, and the total Price of Items in the order. Note that this value does not include Shipping, Taxes, or any other Fees. Just the amount your customer paid for the Items in the Order.

You can filter orders by Marketplace or Region and Search by SKU, UPC, Title, or ASIN. From the +Order Button, you can choose to Manually Create a new Order or do so by importing a Shopify Order Data CSV file.

  1. Go to the Orders page on SKUPREME.

  2. Look for the section called Pending Fulfillment. This section contains all of your orders that are going to be fulfilled through multi-channel fulfillment (MCF).

  3. SKUPREME automatically fulfills all your Orders from Shopify and other Marketplaces that have availability to fulfill all the items in your inventory at FBA, Deliverr, or other 3PLs.

  4. The Pending Fulfillment section is more of a monitoring tool and a double-checking mechanism.

  5. If you click on the details of any of the orders, you can see more information such as the current inventory provider that has availability to ship the order.

  6. To view the shipping details, hover over the lower left corner of the order details.

  7. If an order appears in the Pending Fulfillment section, you don't need to worry about it because SKUPREME automates the entire flow of the MCF.

  8. Once the tracking numbers are received from FBA, they will be passed to Shopify and the order will then be marked as shipped.

To learn more about the pending fulfillment page, watch this video 👇


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