Shipments: Customer order shipment detail page

Learn about the Order Detail page, Fulfillment Provider section and Shipping Details section

Learn how to effectively manage your Skupreme orders by following this guide. This article will teach you how to navigate the Order Detail page, which offers crucial information like your order ID, placement date, and fulfillment status. Additionally, we'll guide you through the Fulfillment Provider section, which indicates the provider with available inventory for shipping, and the Shipping Details section, which provides insights into the fulfillment progress. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Go to the Orders page on SKUPREME.

  2. Look for the order that you want to view and click on it.

  3. The Order Detail page will open, providing you with more information about the order.

  4. The top section of the page will show you basic information such as the order ID, the date it was placed, and the marketplace it came from.

  5. The Fulfillment Provider section will show you which provider has the inventory available to ship this order. In this case, it is FBA.

  6. In the lower left corner, you will see the Shipping Details section which will give you more information about the progress of the fulfillment, such as whether it is pending or has been shipped.

  7. If the fulfillment is still pending, this just means that Skupreme is automatically fulfilling the order for you and there is no action you need to take.

  8. If the order has been shipped, you can view the tracking details by hovering over the Shipping Details section.

  9. You can create a label from this page, refund a label, or see the total shipments for an order.

  10. Once tracking numbers are received from FBA, they will be passed to Shopify and the order will be marked as shipped.

To learn more about the Order Detail page, Fulfillment Provider section and Shipping Details section, watch this video 👇


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