Purchase Order Bulk Creation

Creating purchase orders in bulk using SKUPREME

1. Accessing Bulk Data Management:
  • Navigate to the "Bulk Manage Data Sheet" section in SKUPREME, typically found in the lower part of the interface.
  • Locate the field for the brand name.
2. Purchase order´s Tab - Inputting Purchase Order Quantities:
  • Go to the last tab of the sheet on the right-hand where it says purchase order, and add the desired quantities for each item.
3. Refreshing SKUPREME:
  • Go to SKUPREME and refresh the page to see the quantities you input reflected in the system.
4. Checking Bulk Purchase Orders:
  • Navigate to the "Purchase Order" tab to view the bulk purchase orders divided by supplier.
5. Verifying Quantities and Submitting:
  • In the upper part of the page, check the quantity details.
  • Locate the "Submit" button and click on it when you know the inputted quantities.
6. Viewing Created Bulk Purchase Orders:
  • After clicking "Submit," you should be able to see the bulk purchase order that was created.


Video: https://www.loom.com/share/2875a54a804143a5ba07b48e9de080f3