Procedure for New Setup or Implementation Requests

By following this process, you ensure a comprehensive exploration of existing resources, gather insights from relevant team members, and facilitate effective communication with the development team to address and potentially implement the customer's


  1. Knowledge Base Search:

    • Initiate a search on the SKUpreme knowledge base to identify existing features or solutions related to the customer's request.
  2. Slack and Helpdesk Ticket Review:

    • Search through Slack channels for any relevant discussions or solutions.
    • Check previous helpdesk (HB) tickets to see if a similar request has been addressed before.
  3. Consultation with Bel:

    • Reach out to Bel to gather more detailed information about the customer's request. Bel might have insights into the customer's specific needs or challenges.
  4. Consultation with Francisco:

    • Engage with Francisco to discuss the customer's request further. Francisco may provide additional context or considerations for the requested feature.
  5. Development Team Communication:

    • Connect with the development team via Slack.
    • If the requested feature aligns with SKUpreme's goals and functionalities, create a feature request.