Mastering Inventory Valuation with SKUPREME's Data Studio

SKUPREME’s Data Studio offers a comprehensive Inventory Valuation Report, providing detailed insights into the valuation of items across your entire catalog. This report integrates data from various fulfillment and storage providers, incorporating units in shipments and purchase orders to deliver precise inventory assessments.

Overview of the Inventory Valuation Report in Data Studio

The Inventory Valuation Report in SKUPREME’s Data Studio is essential for businesses that require an accurate snapshot of their inventory’s worth across different locations and stages of the supply chain. This report helps in making informed financial and operational decisions by detailing the cost, retail value, and location of each item in the inventory.


Accessing the Inventory Valuation Report

To utilize this powerful tool effectively:

  1. Navigate to Data Studio: Find this feature within the SKUPREME dashboard under the reporting or analytics section.
  2. Open the Inventory Valuation Report: This report is readily accessible and can be viewed directly within the platform or exported to Google Sheets for further analysis.


Key Features of the Inventory Valuation Report

  • Comprehensive Item Breakdown: Lists every item in the inventory along with specific data points such as supplier cost per unit, total value, and retail price.
  • Total Value Calculations: Calculates both the total value of the inventory at cost and the total retail value, providing insights into potential revenue.
  • Location-Based Valuation: Displays inventory amounts by location, allowing for detailed tracking and management of stock across different warehouses or fulfillment centers.
  • Integration with Google Sheets: Offers the flexibility to view the report within SKUPREME or in Google Sheets, where additional custom analyses can be performed.


Utilizing the Inventory Valuation Report

  • Analyze Inventory Performance: Use the detailed metrics provided to assess which items are performing well and which may be overstocked or underperforming.
  • Financial Planning: Leverage the total value and unit cost data to make informed purchasing and sales decisions, optimizing your inventory levels according to market demand.
  • Operational Insights: Understanding where inventory is located and its valuation helps in strategizing for logistics, distribution, and storage.


Benefits of Using the Inventory Valuation Report

  • Accurate Financial Reporting: Provides essential data that contributes to accurate financial reporting and accounting practices.
  • Strategic Inventory Management: Empowers businesses to manage their inventory more strategically by providing a clear picture of financial implications.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: With comprehensive and up-to-date inventory data, businesses can make better decisions about sales strategies, promotions, and inventory purchasing.


The Inventory Valuation Report within SKUPREME’s Data Studio is a vital tool for businesses looking to gain a deeper understanding of their inventory's financial status. By providing detailed and actionable insights into every aspect of inventory valuation, SKUPREME helps businesses optimize their operations and financial planning.