Managing Wholesaler Price Lists in SKUPREME

The Wholesaler Price List feature in SKUPREME's Wholesale module offers a streamlined approach to managing discounts and setting quantity thresholds for bulk purchases. This guide will detail how to leverage the price list to automate discounts and enhance the invoicing process for your wholesale buyers.


Overview of the Wholesaler Price List

The Wholesaler Price List is designed to integrate seamlessly with your product catalog, allowing you to set and manage prices, discounts, and quantity thresholds specifically for wholesale transactions. It simplifies the process of offering scaled discounts based on the volume of purchase, enhancing both efficiency and attractiveness of bulk orders.


Accessing the Wholesaler Price List

To effectively manage and utilize the price list:

  1. Navigate to the Wholesale Module: Locate the Wholesaler Price List section within your SKUPREME dashboard.
  2. View and Adjust Pricing: The price list will display all items synchronized from your catalog, including cost of goods sold and retail prices.


Key Features of the Wholesaler Price List

  • Dynamic Discount Management: Set quantity discounts based on specified thresholds, such as offering a 25% discount for one carton and a 30% discount for five cartons.
  • Automated Discount Application: SKUPREME tracks these discounts automatically during the invoice generation process, ensuring that all applicable discounts are accurately applied.
  • Bulk Uploads and Downloads: Manage your wholesaler items more efficiently by using the bulk upload feature for new items or updates, and easily download the price list for sharing with wholesalers via email.


Utilizing the Wholesaler Price List

  • Set Quantity Discounts: Define discounts based on the quantity of goods purchased to incentivize larger orders. For example, establish thresholds for different carton quantities that trigger specific discount rates.
  • Download Price Lists: Export the current wholesaler price list to an Excel file, which can be sent directly to buyers or used for record-keeping.
  • Bulk Manage Prices and Discounts: Update the wholesaler price list en masse to reflect changes in costs, inventory levels, or strategic pricing adjustments.


Benefits of Using the Wholesaler Price List

  • Enhanced Pricing Strategy: Tailor your pricing model to support volume-based sales, which can drive larger orders and increase overall sales volume.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Automate the application of discounts based on predefined rules, reducing manual calculations and potential errors during the invoicing process.
  • Improved Wholesaler Relationships: Provide clear and transparent pricing structures to wholesalers, fostering trust and encouraging repeat business.


The Wholesaler Price List in SKUPREME’s Wholesale module is a powerful tool for businesses that manage bulk sales. By allowing detailed management of discounts and pricing based on purchase volume, this feature helps businesses optimize their wholesale operations, improve accuracy in invoicing, and maintain competitive pricing strategies.