How to set and edit user roles and permissions in the workspace

Learn about user roles and permissions in the workspace

After adding teammates to a workspace, you still have to adjust their roles and permissions. With this guide, we will help you set them up. 


User Roles

Once they have been added, you can adjust the roles of the teammate(s) you've added under the "Roles" section on this screen.

Role Types are:

Admin: All full rights to the account

Editor: Limited rights to the account

User: View-Only mode



In the "Edit Permissions" button, this is where you can get granular about the specific modules in SKUPREME that you want the users on the account to have access to. There are 5 total modules that you can adjust settings to and 4 columns that you can adjust permissions based on the "User Role"


The modules available for editing under the "Permissions" section are:

Supply Chain: Forecasting and management of all Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Shipments, and Storage Providers.

Catalog: Link and Sync your Catalog across multiple regions and marketplaces.

Orders: Manage Orders across all marketplaces through direct integrations with your fulfillment network.

CRM: Manage customers and their associated orders

Wholesale: Manage Wholesalers and Invoicing to ensure accurate predictions.

In each of those "Modules", you can edit the permissions status of the user from an "Admin" all the down to "Hidden"

Permission Statuses are:

Admin: Full permission for the teammate.

Editor: This feature is visible & editable to the teammate, some restrictions apply.

View Only: This feature will be visible to the teammate, but unable to edit.

Hidden: This feature will not be visible to the teammate.


When you set up a new workspace and invite new users, Google Sheets are hidden by default to prevent unwanted users from receiving invites. However, if you need to grant admin or edit capabilities on the Sheet to a specific user, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Users" section under account settings.

  2. Find the user you want to grant access to and click on "Edit."

  3. Scroll down to the "Permissions" section and find the "Google Sheets" module.

  4. Click on the drop-down menu next to the user's name and select "Admin" or "Editor" depending on the level of access you want to grant.

  5. Click on "Save" to apply the changes.

  6. The user will now have access to the Google Sheets and can start editing or managing it according to their permissions.

NOTE: Remember, it's important to only grant access to users who need it to ensure the security and privacy of your data.


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