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How to Create a 3PL Central Storage Provider in SKUPREME

SKUPREME offers a streamlined integration with 3PL Central, allowing you to efficiently establish and manage a warehouse for your inventory. Follow this comprehensive guide to effortlessly set up a 3PL Central warehouse within Skupreme, ensuring a smooth and optimized logistics experience.


Step 1: Integration Type and Storage Provider Name


Log in to your SkuPreme account and access the "Supply Chain" module.

Navigate to the Storage Providers sub-section.

Click on "+ Storage Provider" to initiate the integration process.

In the first popup screen, select "3PL Central" as your integration type.

Enter a name for your storage provider, which will identify the warehouse in your SKUPREME account.

Step 2: Storage Provider Information


After selecting the integration type and providing the storage provider name, enter the email address linked to the 3PL Central warehouse.

Input the physical address details, including street address, city, state, postal code, and country.

Step 3: Contact Person Details


Fill in the email address, phone number, and fax number of the designated contact person at the 3PL Central warehouse. This person will handle warehouse-related inquiries and issues.

Step 4: Obtain Client ID and Client Secret


To access the 3PL Central API, you require a Client ID and Client Secret for authentication and authorization.

Refer to the "Getting Started with Credential Management" article to generate these keys in 3PL Warehouse Manager's Support Portal.

Copy and paste the generated Client ID and Client Secret values into the designated fields in SKUPREME.

Congratulations! You have successfully established a 3PL Central Storage Provider in SKUPREME. This integration facilitates efficient inventory management and optimized logistics operations.

For further information on integrating with 3PL Central and how to get your REST API Keys please visit this page: