Guide to Setting Up a Warehouse on TikTok

How to create a warehouse on TikTok

  1. Log into TikTok: Start by logging into your TikTok account. Once logged in, navigate to the upper right corner of the home screen.
  2. Access Account Settings: Click on 'My Account' and then select 'Account Settings'.
  3. Go to Warehouse Settings: In the account settings, find and select the option for 'Warehouse Settings'.
  4. Create a New Warehouse:
  • Click on the option to add a new warehouse.
  • Enter the name of your warehouse in the provided field.
  • Fill in the basic details of the warehouse, including the Full Loadable Foot (FLF) and the shipping regions it will serve.
  • You can create a test warehouse for demonstration purposes by entering a sample name (like 'Test Warehouse') and an address.
  1. Save the Warehouse Details: After entering all the required information, make sure to save your changes.
  2. Set Up for Pickup and Returns:
  • Ensure that you also configure the warehouse settings for pickup and return processes.
  • This involves specifying the address and details for where products should be picked up from and where returns should be sent.
  1. Finalize and Review: After completing these steps, review all the information to ensure it’s accurate.
Setting Up Your TikTok Shop Shipping Template
  1. Access the Shipping Template Settings: Repeat the first steps to log into TikTok and access the warehouse settings.
  2. Create or Modify Shipping Templates: In the warehouse settings, look for an option to create or modify your shipping templates. This will determine how products are shipped from your warehouse.
  3. Specify Shipping Details: Enter details about your shipping process, including rates, regions covered, and any special shipping instructions or options you offer.
  4. Save and Review: As with the warehouse settings, save all changes and review to ensure accuracy.


This is the TikTok shop official seller docs on the topic

Step 1 Warehouse setup:

Step 2 Shipping template setup: