Guide: Syncing Your Multi-Marketplace Catalog

Consider this Before you Sync other Marketplaces

As you gear up to sync your multi-marketplace catalog using SKUPREME, we're here to provide valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions. Before initiating the syncing process, take a moment to consider the following points:

Automated Listing Creation: Item Sync

🟢When activating the item sync feature, SKUPREME leverages your SEED marketplace as the foundation. It automatically generates listings across various marketplaces, utilizing the UPC to accurately identify each product. This automated process eliminates the hassle of manual listing creation, saving you time and reducing errors.

Unified Hierarchy for Parent and Child Variations:

🟢SKUPREME ensures that your catalog's structure remains consistent across platforms. Parent products and their associated child variations are imported in the same hierarchical arrangement as observed in your SEED marketplace. This uniformity enhances user experience and maintains a seamless product browsing journey for your customers.

Amazon FBA Listings: What to Note:

🟢It's important to be aware that while SKUPREME seamlessly syncs your listings between different marketplaces, it does not extend this synchronization to Amazon FBA listings. Please keep in mind that information won't be transferred automatically to your FBA listings. As you manage your inventory, ensure that any updates you make to SKUPREME listings are also applied to your Amazon FBA inventory separately.

Considerations Before Turning On Item Sync

Catalog Consistency:

🟢 Review your SEED marketplace to ensure accurate UPCs and variations for products. A consistent and well-structured catalog will result in a smoother syncing process.

FBA Management:

🟢If you utilize Amazon FBA, be prepared to manage FBA listings separately. While SKUPREME takes care of multi-marketplace listing sync, FBA updates remain independent.

Product Variations:
🟢Ensure that parent-child variations are properly aligned in your SEED marketplace, as SKUPREME will mirror this structure across other platforms.

Catalog Review:

🟢 After syncing, perform a thorough review of listings on different marketplaces to verify accuracy and make any necessary adjustments.

🟢Ensure that parent-child variations are properly aligned in your SEED marketplace, as SKUPREME will mirror this structure across other platforms.

📗By keeping these factors in mind, you'll be well-prepared to initiate the item sync process with SKUPREME. Our aim is to empower you with a streamlined and efficient multi-marketplace catalog management solution. If you have any further questions or require assistance, our support team is here to guide you every step of the way.

⚠️Important Warning⚠️: If you already have listings created and are currently satisfied with their status, it's advised to keep the Item Sync feature turned off upon adding a new marketplace. Enabling the sync may overwrite existing listings and data, potentially causing unintended changes. Carefully assess your listings' status before proceeding with the sync.


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