Creating a Workspace

Learn how to create a workspace

Defining the Workspace

To begin, let's establish the concept of a "Workspace" within SKUPREME. In SKUPREME, a Workspace is a dedicated area for you and your team to manage an eCommerce brand. Each brand can have it's own workspace and an account in SKUPREME can have multiple workspaces. This makes it easy for you to navigate from one business to another and easily switch gears while managing your inventory.


Here are the steps to add a Workspace to an account whether you're an existing user or a new user:

  1. Navigate over to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen & click on the Brand name or down arrow.

  2. Once that little window opens up, you'll see a section named "Create or Join a Workspace"

  3. You'll get a pop-up window that will ask you to name your Workspace, you can add a company logo and your teammates here as well too.

  4. From there you can create your own Workspace, search Workspaces that you're part of, or join another Workspace assuming you've already been added to it by the Admin on the account.


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