Configuring Order Settings in SKUPREME for Enhanced Fulfillment Management

The Orders Settings page in SKUPREME offers critical tools to configure and manage order processing effectively, including setting priorities for fulfillment and selecting default storage providers for specific operations. This guide will help you na

Overview of the Orders Settings Page

This page is designed to allow detailed customization of how orders are processed within your operation, including the prioritization of fulfillment providers and the management of carrier services. It serves as a centralized platform for setting up these parameters to streamline your supply chain logistics.

Accessing the Orders Settings Page

To optimize your fulfillment strategy:

  1. Navigate to the Orders Module: Access the Orders Settings option from the module to modify and manage your order processing settings.
  2. Adjust and Review Settings: Explore the various sections of the settings page to tailor the fulfillment processes to your business needs.

Key Features of the Orders Settings Page

  • Fulfillment Provider Selection: Designate which storage providers should handle fulfillment based priority.
  • Default Provider for Specific Needs: Set a default provider for handling orders with unique requirements, such as untraceable sales velocity, to ensure consistency and efficiency.
  • Carrier Services Configuration: Synchronize your credentials with carrier services to manage logistics seamlessly from within SKUPREME.
  • Informative Tool Tips: Utilize the tool tips provided within the settings to gain better insights into each configuration option and its impact on your operations.

Configuring Your Order Settings

Set Fulfillment Priorities: Specify the criteria for how different storage providers are selected for fulfilling orders. This could be based on fastest delivery time, lowest cost, or best customer rating.

Choose Default Providers: Identify and set default providers for specific scenarios to streamline decision-making processes and ensure smooth fulfillment.

Integrate with Carrier Services: Enter and update your logistics service provider details to ensure that shipping processes are integrated and managed directly through SKUPREME.

Benefits of Using the Orders Settings Page

Customized Fulfillment Strategies: Tailor your fulfillment approach to align with business objectives and customer expectations, enhancing overall service delivery.

Increased Operational Efficiency: By setting clear priorities and defaults, reduce the complexity and time spent on order processing, allowing for more focused operational management.

Seamless Carrier Integration: Direct integration with carriers reduces errors and improves coordination, leading to faster and more reliable shipping.


The Orders Settings page in SKUPREME is an invaluable resource for businesses aiming to refine their order fulfillment strategies. By effectively utilizing these settings, companies can ensure that their fulfillment operations are both efficient and aligned with broader business goals, thereby improving customer satisfaction and operational success.