Catalog: Navigating catalog part 3: Catalog settings

Learn about the catalog settings section

Catalog Settings Overview

The Catalog Settings is the area of your account where you can add or remove marketplaces based on regions and adjust Global settings. This article will provide an  overview of the Catalog Settings section.


Catalog Settings: Marketplaces section

  • This is where you have top-level control over your products and marketplaces. From here, you can see your Seed Marketplace and all the marketplaces that you're connected to. On the bottom of this page is where you'll see the tray icons for other marketplaces that you can connect to. At the top is the toggle between regions.

  • If you were to hover over any active marketplace, you'll see toggle switches that manage "Item Sync" & "Order Sync".

    a. Item Sync: This will publish your listing from your Seed Marketplace over to that marketplace.

    b. Order Sync: This will keep track of your inventory levels on that particular marketplace.


Catalog Settings: Price Rules section

  • The Price Rules in the Catalog setting work in tandem with the price in the product detail section. This is where you'll see all the price rules that you've set for each region or marketplace. Since your product and price are being displayed on other regions or marketplaces, this acts as a Global rule specific to that Region or Marketplace. The best way to think of this as a buffer to match prices or cover shipping in that region or marketplace.


Catalog Settings: Price Rules continuation

  • To enable a Price Rule in the catalog settings, click on either button at the bottom. This pop-up will appear where you can select the region that the price rule will be for as well as if you want to price rule to be based on a percentage or amount.

    Note: Price rules can only be in positive integers.


Catalog Settings: Quantity Rules Section

  • Quantity Rules allow you to set unique threshold limits based on marketplaces. You have two options, Holdback Quantity, and Published Quantity.

    a. The Holdback Quantity is the amount of inventory that you want to retain if inventory levels get too low. The moment our system detects that your inventory reaches your Holdback quantity, the listing will go inactive.

    b. The Published Quantity shows the customer how many units are available. If you have your published Quantity at 10 and your inventory level is 100, the buyer will only see that 10 units are available. This acts as an upper limit buffer to protect the total quantity of units available in stock on other marketplaces.


Catalog Settings: Discontinued Section

  • The Discontinued section of your catalog settings is essentially your product graveyard. This is where any product that you no longer sell or no longer wish to be visible on other marketplaces will go. At any point in time, based on buyer demand, you can choose to re-list that item(s).



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