Address Validation

SKUpreme integrates with the USPS address validator tool

The USPS Address Validator is a powerful tool designed to enhance address accuracy and streamline the address validation process using the United States Postal Service (USPS) database. This tool ensures that addresses provided are valid, complete, and formatted according to USPS standards. 


Here's how you can describe the tool:

  1. Functionality:

    • The USPS Address Validator is a sophisticated tool that verifies and validates addresses in real time.
    • It cross-checks address details against the extensive USPS database, ensuring accuracy and compliance with postal standards.
  2. Validation Process:

    • The tool employs an intelligent algorithm to validate and correct addresses, minimizing errors and reducing the risk of undeliverable shipments.
    • It checks for missing information, corrects formatting issues, and ensures that addresses are by USPS guidelines.
  3. Key Features:

    • Error Identification: Quickly identifies and highlights any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the provided address.
    • Autocompletion: Auto-completes and suggests address components, speeding up the data entry process and reducing manual errors.
    • Standardization: Standardizes addresses to meet USPS formatting standards, ensuring uniformity and compatibility with postal services.
  4. Benefits:

    • Delivery Accuracy: Enhances the accuracy of address data, reducing the likelihood of returned or undeliverable mail.
    • Cost Savings: Minimizes costs associated with returned mail, address correction fees, and potential re-shipments due to address errors.
    • Time Efficiency: Streamlines the address entry process, saving time for users and improving overall operational efficiency.


How to update an invalid address in SKUpreme:

1 - First identify the invalid address - it will show in red.
2 -Then click on the pencil the edit the address.
3 - Edit/update the address, respect address line 1 and address line 2 (if contains)
4- You will now see that the address does not have an exclamation mark anymore (the address is now valid) 
5- You can now fulfill the order. 

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