Frictionless Ecommerce and Supply Chain Management


Eliminate friction for e-commerce brand managers by automating catalog and supply chain management.


Maximize efficiency of the global supply chain by leveraging ML, AI, and robotics.

Why we created SKUPREME

Scaling an e-commerce brand to 7 figures can be achieved with one or two hit products. Anyone who has scaled to 8 figures knows it requires a more strategic approach with systems and special processes in place.

In our collaborations with brand and portfolio managers we learned we all share similar pain points, and have heavily invested time and resources to develop these special processes internally. We realized we each approached the difficulties of managing a complex catalog and container planning from optimizing a load to transport in different ways, in order to achieve the same result.

Our previous thinking that the intractable issues we faced was a defect in our system. It soon became apparent, the flaw was in the design of current ERP and 3PL systems. As we began to share our knowledge with each other, we quickly learned that no standard processes were in place to manage vendors from around the world, catalogs of 800-plus sku’s in multiple marketplaces across 3PL's.

The many connected spreadsheets we’d each strung together or for some, in-house ERP systems (which acquire tech debt in a matter of months due to the rapidly changing market) did not provide a sustainable or scalable solution. Available options only looked to solve some of these issues, we wanted to solve them all.

Creating our own vertically integrated platform was our defense to the inefficiency of spreadsheets, systems that couldn’t keep up and human error. By training our system on sophisticated, complex catalogs with a global supply chain we eliminated friction and created optimal standards and processes for 3PL's.

The system and best practices we designed uniquely provide full transparency and oversight of our business from the manufacturer, throughout the supply chain to the customer.

Why choose SKUPREME
Centralized catalog for optimum multi-channel inventory management
Holistic and automated ERP and SCM solution
Deep data insights for pricing and order predictions
Quick, flexible and seamless integration
Built on the latest APIs across marketplaces
Competitive pricing with à la carte options
Select from a menu of solutions to meet your needs and stop paying for those you don’t

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